The House of Happy Mayhem - A book by Trent Zelazny(21)
Author:Trent Zelazny

    Ithink of my father calling me a “Little shit” and beating me forshattering a window, and then I walk around the bed to Lisa. She’sunconscious but beautiful. I get water up my nose while in the middleof a swimming hole, and now it comes out my eyes. I allow myself tostroke her hair three times. I plant a gentle kiss on her foreheadand whisper, “The monster’s gone, Lisa. The monster’s gone andwon’t hurt you any more.”

    ThenI rise up, make my way out of the bedroom, down the hall and out thefront door, locking it behind me.

    Icross the street, run my fingers along the chain-linked fence, andthen enter the park, so dark and gloomy, you little shit, but withless antagonism than before. I make my way across the grass andthink about the man with the black lab—the poor lonely bastard—andwhen I reach the river I toss away my copy of the Cohan house key, akey for the right kind of house where the right kinds of people live,and my Christmas dream decides to end.

    Withmy mind seeing that dog jumping high into the air to catch that sunnyyellow Frisbee, I toss off one more eggnog and then make my way home,in the dark, thinking about how I forgot to bring a book this time.

    Iwonder what book it would have been.

    * * * * *

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