The House of Happy Mayhem - A book by Trent Zelazny(14)
Author:Trent Zelazny

    Ilook down and force myself to commit the Clancy title to memory:Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a NuclearWarship. I heft the book in my right handand then fling it out somewhere into the grass. Then I count backfrom ten and get up off my rock. I stroll down the slope, looking asbewildered as I can, and out the corner of my eye I see Lisa taking aseat on one of the picnic tables. She doesn’t look happy. Shelooks far from it, but my bewilderment and stupidity catch herattention, though not enough for her to say anything.

    Slowlyand stupidly, I make my way over to her. I look up at her and sayhello.

    Shesays “Hi” but her voice doesn’t have the beautiful magic itonce did.

    “I’msorry to impose upon you,” I say, and then I tell her that I’velost my book and ask her if she’s seen a paperback anywhere around.

    Shetells me she hasn’t, and I tell her it’s a Tom Clancy book, andif she sees it, would she mind letting me know.

    “Tellyou what,” she tells me, “I’ll help you look.” She climbsoff the picnic table and starts searching with me. As she heads inthe proper direction, I let her, and make a point of going the otherway.

    “Foundit!” she calls out, and walks over to me and hands me the book.

    I thankher, and for the first time I see the ring on her finger. I tell herI’m trying to learn about submarines and she says that’s prettycool and then tells me to enjoy it and to have a nice day. And thenI watch her go back to the picnic table. She hesitates before sheclimbs onto it, and instead she makes her way back up the slope andheads for home.

    Iconsider following her but don’t, and then I don’t see either ofthem for a few days.

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