The House of Happy Mayhem - A book by Trent Zelazny(12)
Author:Trent Zelazny

    “Hi,sweetie,” Lisa says.

    AndI think, It’s only 1:30 in the afternoon. What are they both doinghome at such an hour? They never come home for lunch. What day istoday? Friday, yes, it’s Friday. So shouldn’t they be at work? Yes, they should be at work, they never come home for lunch and theyshould definitely be at work…Unless their jobs entitle them to ahalf-day on Fridays. That has to be what it is, that must be it, andnow they’re both home, and I’m stuck in the pantry amidst dirtyclothes until they either leave again, or I can figure a way outwithout being caught.

    Imake a note to myself that, in the future, I need to leave by elevenon Fridays.

    Thensomething interesting happens. Their voices become quiet and I can’tmake out what they’re saying, and it goes on like this for a while.

    ThenJames says, “Do you wanna hurt me?”

    “James,what are you even talking about?”

    “Howdo you think we pay for all this?”

    Andthen I can’t hear them again. Their voices have become like whitenoise with just the tiniest bit more distinction. The kind of asound a ghost makes when it says something and can’t make itselfunderstood. It is mysteriously luring, and I’m compelled tolisten, even if I can’t make out what they’re saying.

    Thespell is broken briefly as I recall my brother heckling me through myclosed bedroom window. I try to punch him and I punch the glassinstead, shattering the window and cutting up my hand.

    ThenLisa says, “Do you even believe what you’re saying?”

    Adismal and silent room, though soft words I can’t make out arebeing spoken. These soft words are the words of James, and though Ican’t make them out, I know they are bitter and caustic. It’s anodd feeling to me, thinking how right they were, how right they are,living in the right house and being the right people to live in thishouse that is so full of rightfulness. Yet here they are, and Ican’t determine if it’s a fight, a spat, a quarrel, a contest, ormerely a struggle.

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