The House of Happy Mayhem - A book by Trent Zelazny(10)
Author:Trent Zelazny

    Isit on the bed briefly and stroke the comforter. It is soft andlight and clean and feels good on my fingertips. They have manypillows at the head of the bed. There is a smaller TV against theopposing wall, with a small stack of rented videos on top of it. Getting off the bed, I smooth out where I sat, and see what theyrented. Jules and Jim,The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio,The Secret of Roan Inish,and Life is Beautiful. I’ve seen all four of them, and liked them all. They have goodtaste in movies, I decide, and look to the right of the TV. A largebathroom and to the right of that is a large walk-in closet with lotsof nice clothes hanging on hangers and the floor is a chaoticassemblage of shoes. They never have trouble figuring out what towear, I think as I reach out and touch some of Lisa’s dresses. Ibring a red sleeve to my nose and smell it. The scent is asbeautiful as her voice, which is as beautiful as she is.

    Closingthe closet door, I leave the bedroom, walk down the hall and into theliving room. I look out the window onto the street and see no one. I open the door, step outside, lock the door and make my way back tothe street.

    Laterthat night, when all the lights are out inside the house, I replacethe key into the fake stone.

    Forthe next few days, instead of going to the park, I pass by thechain-linked entryway and walk up the eight steps. The movies theyhad rented have been returned and they haven’t rented any others. I sit on the couch and watch TV on the big screen in the living room. I watch a surprisingly interesting A&E Biography on Tom Selleck. During one of the commercial breaks I use the bathroom. I imaginestepping out of the bathroom and James and Lisa are on the couch,each on one side of it, and they’ve saved the middle for me. Thereare three sodas on the coffee table. I sit between them and we enjoythe rest of the Tom Selleck biography.

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