The Ghost Who Tried to Love Me(10)
Author:Adam Tervort

    Summer came and with ita big schedule change. When my students started their summervacations it meant that English classes moved from the evening to thedaytime, giving me free nights for the first time in most of a year.Brenda and I used the nights as best we could (wild oats!), knowingthat it would only last for the summer. There was one more crazy fanincident in July while she was at my apartment, and we got a goodlaugh out of it. I told her the ghost story my student had told me,thinking that it would get a good laugh as well. It didn't.

    "Tell me thatstory again, slowly," she said. I told her about the maidenghost making noises and giving the college girls a hard time whenthey brought boys home. "We'd better not meet in your place nextmonth, it's Ghost Month. If you really do have a ghost here that'swhen it will have the most time to bother you."

    "What's the GhostMonth? I've never heard August called that, aren't you thinking ofHalloween in October," I said.

    "Halloween is justan excuse for American kids to get candy, it has nothing to do withghosts. Ghost Month is the seventh month of the Lunar calendar, thetime in the year when ghosts can travel freely. The only other timesthey are out is on the 15th of each Lunar Month."

    I'll admit that I had alittle chill go down my back when I heard that the 15th of the monthwas a ghost day, but logic shouted down goosebumps. "There's nosuch thing as ghosts. You're just trying to scare me."

    "Today is the15th, maybe that's why the fan went off again tonight."

    With the soggy blanketof ghost talk smothering any hopes of a romantic evening, Brendaended up going home early. I lay in bed for a while wondering what aTaiwanese ghost would look like. The Scream? Dripping ghostly bloodfrom its long fangs? The more I thought about it the funnier theimages became, until I couldn't stand it anymore. I burst outlaughing and yelled "Come out ghostie, let me see your uglyface!" The fan went on immediately. I went out and unplugged it,but there were no ghosts to be seen.

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