The Diablo Ouija - A book by Sophie Duncan(10)
Author:Sophie Duncan

    Billrubbed his face and shook his head again, something akin to disbeliefin his expression. Theo had seen how hard the case had hit his mentorat the time, but he had had no idea that night still stayed withSwanson.

    "Youcalled to him, I heard you, and that is when the door slammed on me,"Theo decided to move things along.

    Billseemed grateful for the support and paused a moment, regarding Theocarefully. Finally he continued with a short nod, "Holiday didthat, dived for the door and locked it, threw the key across theroom. I went to try and grab him, but he had a knife, so I backed offand he started yammering at me about souls and that it was too late,that the board would have its fill. I tried reasoning with him, thenI tried a little magical persuasion, but it bounced right off; hewasn't using any magic of his own, but the bloody board protectedhim."

    Swansonsounded like he was trying not to believe what he was saying, but hewas sincere and Theo just listened.

    "Hekept me going for a long time, pacing around the back of the roomaway from the board, waving his knife, threatening himself and me ifI even tried to check on his victims. In the end though, I realisedhe'd been playing me for a fool, giving the board time to warm up.The doll dropped the planchette on the board and I felt the magicspike. In all my days, I'd never seen anything like that board. Themagic was totally autonomous. This blue-white mist rose up from in,spreading out towards the kids and they didn't move at all, like theywere in its thrall. I couldn't let it take them, so I balled up allthe energy I had in my talisman and aimed it into a fire spell. Iwent for the board, but Holiday yelled as I let the flames rip anddived in front of the whole bloody expression. He went up like aroman candle."

    Bill ranhis fingers through his wild hair and shifted awkwardly, the pain ofremembering it in his face.

    "Therewas nothing I could do, I just watched as he started screaming and hefell back onto the board, knocked it away from the kids. I grabbedtheir chairs and pulled them away further. I'd tapped out my talismanwith the expression, had no power left to put the flames out, but thewhite mist wrapped itself around Holiday and he stopped moving. Thefire just went out like it had been doused with water, didn't eventouch the board and then that damn doll moved. I swear it looked upat me and the kids from where it was half bent over Holiday and itsarm, the mechanical one that held the planchette, it lifted up likeit was pointing at us. Then the magic was gone."

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