Author:Sherri Fulmer Moorer

    “Do we have anytime to spare if the Health Department is involved?”

    “We’ll be fine.”The woman smiled. “Relax. Everything is on schedule. I have themoney and tonight we’ll be on a plane to anywhere we want. Don’tdo anything to stir up suspicion. In fact, it might be best if youwere seen as little as possible.”

    The figure nodded.“We should meet again to finalize our plans.”

    An alarm soundedfrom the Nurses Station inside the door. The woman stiffened. “Ibetter get in there.”

    “Then we’reset?”

    The woman nodded,exasperated. “We’re set. I’ll meet you this afternoon. Don’tbe late. And try to get some sleep.”

    The figure chuckled.“Who can sleep? We’re about to have an exciting day.”

    Neither of them sawthe man pressed against the side of the building as they parted ways.

    Chapter 2 (7:55 A.M.)

    Caitlyn Rosenblumerode her bicycle into the medical complex. It was a beautiful, crispfall morning in Woodland, South Carolina, located fifty milesnorthwest of Columbia. She and her husband, Jared, built on familyland that was closer to the center of town recently, so she rode herbike when the weather permitted to save on gas. Caitlyn worked atWoodland Memorial Hospital as the Administrative Assistant to thehead of Accounting Services, Clara Ross. Mrs. Ross had been out sickall week, so it had been hectic as she scrambled to keep thingsmoving. Actually, most of the staff had been out sick all week. Theprevious day, only eight people showed up.

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