Private India City on Fire(59)
Author:James Patterson

    “I hope never to see either one of them again, unless they’re hanging by their balls over a bonfire. I don’t think that Adrianna will be physically scarred, but emotionally … Emotionally, my daughter is in terrible shape.”

    “Terrible shape” was an understatement. Adrianna had been drugged, probably raped, maybe by both men, and Khezir Mazul had stroked her throat with a serrated blade. She would have a scar across her neck for as long as she lived.

    I hated to think what would have happened to these women had I not been tipped off, if we hadn’t shown up when we did.

    I started to reason with Mrs. Grove, explain to her that if she made a complaint, Remari and Mazul might be deported.

    She shook her head, warning me off.

    “My daughter is a senior at Stanford. It would be tragic if she had to leave school. What happened today is something Adrianna and I will both learn from and at the same time try to forget. That’s how one deals with horror, don’t you think?”

    I said, “I’d suggest some counseling …”

    She ignored me and went on. “My responsibility now is only to Adrianna, and I’m going to make sure that she has whatever she needs in order to heal.”

    She stood up. “You take care, Jack. God bless. I mean that.”

    Belinda Grove left the beige room with her head down, passing Captain Warren who was on his way back in.

    Luke Warren and I talked together for several minutes. There were no angles to work, no strings to pull. But, there are a few cases every year that I want to work pro bono, and I thought this might become one of them.

    I told the captain to call me anytime, that I would work with him, free of charge. Happy to do it.

    I thought if we caught them, I could convince Mazul and Remari to leave the country for good.

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