October Moon - An Eamonn Shute Short Story(6)
Author:Tony McFadden

    “Oh, okay. Long black and a glass of icewater?”

    “Too easy. Why don’t you take a seat on thebalcony and compose yourself and I’ll be there in a couple of shortminutes. Here, let me get the door for you.”

    Nicky stepped onto the balcony and looked outover the Atlantic, the light morning breeze gently blowing hershoulder length auburn hair. She leaned her forearms on the balconyrailing and watched the powerboats leave silver trails across theocean. She closed her eyes and let the salt-tanged air wash over her,melting away her stress

    She was startled by a light tap on her shoulder.“Nicky? I’ve got your coffee and listen, back up a bit would ya?I’m not totally sure how sound those railings are. The first, andlast, step is a wee bit hazardous.”

    Nicky smiled and leaned a bit farther over therail and looked straight down. “I love heights. It makes me feelfunny in the stomach. It’s thrilling!” Her smile wavered. Sheremembered why she was here, in this beautiful apartment.

    So she sat at the table across from Eamonn, alarge steaming cup of black coffee and a chilled glass full of icewater in front of her and thought about how to proceed.

    Eamonn took a sip of his espresso. “Start fromthe top. Your cousin has died, and that’s sad, but why come to mefor help? Shouldn’t the police be involved?”

    “Oh, they say he’s died of a heart attack.No investigation.”

    “So he’s older?”

    “By four years. He is,” she hesitated.“Julio was35.”

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