October Moon - An Eamonn Shute Short Story(26)
Author:Tony McFadden

    Nicky smiled through her tears and sniffed.“Thank you Detective Wills, and thanks very much to Eamonn. Icouldn’t have done this without his support and help.” Shesqueezed his hand.

    “Okay kids. I doubt that Mary is still inFlorida, but keep an eye out for the next few days. I think she’spissed. I’ll call you if anything comes up.” He disconnected.

    Eamonn looked at Nicky. Nicky looked at Eamonn“I’d like to buy you dinner, big guy.”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. I’dlike to cook youdinner. Tonight. Can you stay?”

    She smiled and wiped the remaining tear from hercheek. “I think this could be the beginning of a beautifulfriendship.”

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