Morning Ritual(3)
Author:Valerie Gaumont

    Hewould happily kill Charlie. The sound of his last gasps for air wouldsound so sweet. The only thought that stayed his hand was of Emily. It might upset her to have Charlie die. Not a moment of pain wouldshe feel. She would have to realize that she didn't really love himfirst. Then Charlie could die.

    Emilydisappeared behind the smoked glass doors of her office and Mikeentered the small cafe across the street. He ordered coffee andslipped into his usual booth to wait for her lunch break. He paid noattention to the petite brunette with dark sunglasses who entered afew minutes behind him. She was just another of the regulars. Justanother person he would have to pass time with until he made Emilyhis own. In a breathless voice the brunette asked him for a light asshe slipped a cigarette between her lips. With a sigh Mike flippedopen his lighter and lit the woman’s cigarette.

    Heslipped the lighter back into his pocket and turned his attentionback towards the double doors of Emily’s office building. Thebrunette slid into a booth towards the back of the café and orderedcoffee black, just the same as Mike’s. She smiled to herself asthe waitress poured the heavy ceramic cup full of the scalding blackliquid. Today she had made progress. She had talked to him. Aftermonths of just watching, she had finally talked to him.

    Shesighed as she let her eyes wander over his profile. Her heart racedat the sight of his determined chin flecked with bits of blacksandpaper stubble. She wondered what he was thinking as his eyesgazed off into the distance. She settled herself comfortably in herbooth and took a long sip of coffee. She cautioned herself silentlyto drink slowly, after all it would be quite a while before they wereready to move back out into the street again.

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