Love Thy Neighbor - A book by S.L. Pierce(5)
Author:S.L. Pierce

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    “You will come,won't you JoAnn?” asked Katy, JoAnn's neighbor. JoAnn looked atKaty and was reminded again of that woman in those 70’s VidalSassoon commercials. The tall, lean woman with the long silky blackhair. The hair JoAnn had always dreamed of having instead of her ownstringy blond. On top of that Katy’s skin was so perfect itseemed unreal. JoAnn really wanted to ask what kind of makeup sheused but was afraid the response would be none. And it just wasn'tfair to be so effortlessly perfect.

    “Yes, you will,right?” said Missy, JoAnn's deceivingly southern belle-like otherneighbor. Missy was, well, Missy. Physically she was easy todescribe, of course. She was quite petite, not an inch over fivefeet and not a pound over one hundred, with waves of thick brown hairand large hazel eyes. But to describe her personality, that wasdifficult. At first, she seemed the picture of a southern lady, allsoft spoken and sweet. But two weeks ago JoAnn heard her tell Sam,who lives around the corner, that if his dog poops on her yard onemore time, she would cut him. And from the way he scrambled off, heseemed to believe her. Maybe it was just because she was holding afreshly sharpened pair of yard trimmers, or maybe it was because shejust seemed quite serious. There was no doubt she knew how to usegarden tools, pruning away at the bushes like they had offended herby daring to grow out of sync.

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