Invisible Boy(7)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    “Invisibility?”Chalmers cocked her head, her blue eyes glittering.

    “Yeah.He liked to say he had the power of invisibility. Sometimes I almostbelieved him. He was pretty damned good.”

    “Noexit wound, Dr. Chalmers,” Butternut called out. “The round’sstill inside his head.”

    “Excuseme, I’ve still got a lot to finish up before we transport,”Chalmers said.

    “Sorry,I shouldn’t keep you.”

    “You’llhave to tell me more about this later.”


    Hankgot out of the way and took out his cell phone. He called Narcoticsand was put through to Detective James Schein. He gave Schein theaddress and told him it was Invisible Boy. Schein swore, said he’dbe there in fifteen, and disconnected. Hank put away his phone anddecided to spend the time with the bystanders. He walked up to thebarrier at the east end of the theater and struck up a conversationwith a few of the people standing there. They were typicalrubberneckers with more questions than answers. No one had seenanything or heard anything. Who got shot? Was he selling drugs? Wasit a gang hit? They peppered him with questions. After a few minuteshe gave up and tried the other end of the block.

    Thisstretch of Carr Street was in a run-down neighborhood that had oncebeen a part of the mercantile district in Glendale three or fourgenerations ago. The buildings on this block had at one time beenshoe stores, dress shops, banks, and department stores. Many were nowempty and boarded up, like the theater behind him, but some stillheld tenants who operated appliance repair businesses, second handshops and used book stores. Across the street and down at the cornerwas a four-story building that had once been a successful departmentstore. It had recently been bought and renovated by a start-up hightech firm interested in cheap real estate and easy downtown access.

    Thebystanders at this end were a little different than at the other end.As Hank reached the barrier and looked them over he saw a few peoplewho must have noticed the police activity from their windows in thehigh tech company and wandered down to see what was going on. Heinterviewed a middle-aged woman who explained that her desk was rightin front of one of the windows on the fourth floor. She was thesecretary of one of the vice-presidents of PeriWAN, the high-techcompany. You couldn’t hear anything because the windows had allbeen replaced with soundproof glass when they’d renovated theplace, but she’d seen the flashing lights of the police cruisersand had come out for a look. Two young men in company polo shirts anddesigner sunglasses told essentially the same story. They wereprogrammers currently testing a new subroutine that was a totalbitch, and any excuse for a break was welcome. Was it drug-related?Should they be worried about coming downtown every day? Maybe theyshould work from home instead.

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