Invisible Boy(18)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    “Youshot him.”

    “Didn’tI just say that?”

    Hankpaused for a moment, clasping his hands together. Should he beworried about high blood pressure? Was he getting enough omega-efatty acids? He was averaging about seven hours’ sleep each night.Was that enough?

    Whenthe urge to strike Vance had passed, he frowned. “I don’tunderstand something. Did he follow you down there to Carr Street?Did he know you were making deliveries to the office down there?”

    Vancelaughed. “That’s the fuckinest part of it, isn’t it? The kidhad no idea I was there. It was a complete coincidence. Shocked thefuck out of him when he saw me walking right over to him. Heeere’sstep-daddy! That part was good for a laugh, anyway.”

    Hankgot up and left the room.

    Onhis way past the open door of the observation room he heard Scheinpunch the one-way glass as hard as he could hit it.


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