Invisible Boy(10)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    Hankstopped in front of the stack of garbage bags and turned around, armsfolded across his chest, as though surveying the crime scene from adistance.

    “Seewhat happened?”

    Acrossthe road a cop dropped a clipboard on the sidewalk with a clatter.The ambulance bearing the corpse squawked its klaxon, demandingright-of-way as it left the scene.

    “Iwon’t blow your cover,” Hank said. “Were you here when ithappened?”

    “Yessir,”a voice replied behind him in a husky street accent common to manyteenaged males.

    “Knowwho did it?”

    “Therewere three guys on one side, two on the other. The two guys set upmaybe half an hour before it happened, looking to make a hand-off, Ithink. While they were waiting the three guys came along from theother way, from your left, and saw them. Crossed and started hasslingthem. One of the two guys left but the other guy stayed. They shothim and ran away.”

    “That’sgood,” Hank said. “That’s very good. Thanks. What’s yourname, son?”


    “Livearound here?”

    “Inthe park.”


    “That’sright. I’m not scared to tell you because if you come looking forme you won’t find me. Nobody does.”

    “Hell,I found you just now, kid.”

    “Ihad to get your attention, didn’t I? You were leaving.”

    “Comeon. You don’t know that.”

    “Sowere you leaving or not?”

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