Happy for A While(5)
Author:Inge Moore

    We had so many things in common, you know? He said so many nicethings to me. I told him I loved him and he really liked that and Ithink I did all the things he liked and I thought he really liked me,too. It was a Friday night and I didn't get home till almost dawn.

    All weekend, I was so happy. The kids were happy, too. I told themhow life was going to be different now. They'd get to go places. "The zoo?" they asked. "The movies?" Sure, Itold them. Sure. Why not? I said maybe they'd even get ponies andwe'd buy a piano and they'd get smart and really be somebody one day. Because that's what I believed. That's what I thought he meant. Hesaid he liked kids. He told me that. He said I was special....

    I was a bit worried when he didn't call me like he said he would thatSunday, but I figured he got tied up or something. But I wasn'tready for what happened Monday. No way was I expecting that!

    Waiting for him to come in the restaurant, I was crawling out of myskin. When he finally did, I gave him my special look and you couldalmost feel the sparks fly. Then I said, "Hi, Tom,"casual-like, almost like we were just good friends. But he didn'tsmile, he didn't even say, "Hi, Tammy Lee" like he used to. I felt like a big hand reached down out of the sky and hit me. Igot the message. Then I remembered what he said when he dropped mehome Saturday morning. He said, "Thanks for tonight." Isaid, "You're welcome." Now I got it. He'd meant "Tonightis it -- there is no more." He was just laying it nicely. Iwas a real dummy not to see what he meant right away. Corky mightnot have been the greatest, but he always said things straight out. Well, I went in the kitchen and I cried and cried and didn't care ifthey fired me which they didn't -- I'm too good a worker.

    Later, at quitting time, I drove off to pick up the girls. I gotstopped at the light and there he was, Tom, crossing right in frontof me. My heart jumped and I waved. He looked right at me and hisface didn't change a bit, just stayed real cold-like. Withoutthinking about it, I gunned the motor and ran him down. He wentunder the car and I just kept on right on going.

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