Happy for A While(2)
Author:Inge Moore

    Coverdesign by Tatiana Vila.

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    Inge Moore

    "You're askin' why a cute little thing like me's in a dump likethis? You really want to know? That's kind of nice. Most peopledon't inquire. It started way back when I was a little girl, see. Ihad dreams -- beautiful dreams so close to my heart I didn't tellnobody about them. I wanted to be rich. I wanted to grow up andmarry a doctor or a lawyer and live in a big white house with all thebedrooms upstairs and keep it cleaned and shined and cook real fancymeals and give parties and be the best wife in the world. I wantedmy kids to have fluffy dresses and neat little suits and pianolessons and swimming lessons and we'd all get trips to Spain andChina.

    The way it turned out wasn't like that. My kids never got nothing. Just a mother who was too worn out to play and not enough money for aBrownie uniform, never mind lessons or trips. I really love mygirls, though. Sometimes I'd scream and slap them, like when I wasdead beat and they bothered me. Then I'd feel awful because I dolove them, truly.

    I screwed my life up myself, you see. I married Corky. He was cute. At first, I never thought I'd marry him -- I was just killing timetill I met that doctor or lawyer. My plan was to go to secretarialschool in the big city -- Edmonton, that is -- and get a job in adoctor's office or for a law firm.

    But then Corky and me, we kind of fell in love. We started foolingaround and eventually we got caught. I was real happy for a while. We had a nice little trailer Corky's dad gave us and Corky alreadyworked in a garage, he didn't have to quit school or nothin'.

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