False Details - A book by Marc Pearson
Author:Marc Pearson


    ByMarc Pearson

    Publishedby Marc Pearson at Smashwords

    Copyright2011 Marc Pearson


    0700 hours 19th June 2011

    Officers were crammed into the smallest briefing room in the entirestation, The Sam Waters Room, at Birmingham City HQ Police Station.Many of the officers filling the room had come from Birmingham Southas today’s meeting concerned their area. The addresses that weredue to be raided over the next week were all across the Birminghamarea so HQ was the best place for this meeting. More officers enteredthe room which was basically furnished except for the oval woodentable in the centre with 10 chairs around for a normal taskingmeeting this would be sufficient, with the 32 officers now present itwas like a tin of sardines. There was the usual tea making facilitiesin the corner tucked away only the lucky few that arrived early hadopportunity to use them. All of the chairs were pushed under the desktightly and everyone stood or leaned against the nearest wall orpiece of furniture, trying to have individual conversations with theclosest person was verging on impossible.

    Luckily for people’s eardrums, Detective Chief Inspector Hollandwandered in and then stood to address his troops for the forthcomingdays work. Striding over to the computer that had the Birmingham CityPolice floating on the screen over a black screen and this wasreciprocated on the large presentation screen on the wall.

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