Encounters - A book by Cecilia Peartree(7)
Author:Cecilia Peartree

    ‘Christopher’sgoing to do something,’ said Mrs Stevenson. ‘Aren’t you?’

    They allstared at him again, this time, including the newcomers. The weightof responsibility increased exponentially.

    ‘Aliens,’he said.

    ‘I begyour pardon?’ said Bob. Christopher wondered if that was his realname. But surely if he’d been given a new identity they would havethought of a better name: Zak, or Ferdinand, or Julius. On the otherhand, he did look boring enough to be a Bob.

    ‘Aliens,’he repeated, dragging his attention back to the matter in hand.‘Amaryllis wants aliens.’

    ‘Are yousure about that?’ said Zelda. ‘I don’t remember her evervolunteering for the ET squad when – ow!’

    Unbelievably,Bob had kicked Zelda under the table. ET squad? Was that its realname? Christopher was doubtful such a thing even existed.

    ‘It’sabout the lights on Pitkirtly Island.’ Mrs Stevenson took pity onthe outsiders and started to explain. ‘People have been seeing themlately. There and in the water.’

    ‘I toldyou, it’s kids messing about,’ said Jock.

    ‘Theghosts of old miners,’ said Dave.

    ‘Reflectionsin the water,’ said Mrs Stevenson.

    ‘Amaryllisthought it was aliens,’ said Christopher. ‘That’s all.’

    Sensing hemight need to say a bit more, he added, ‘I thought we could giveher some aliens. But it’s a silly idea.’

    There wasa pause. Christopher couldn't work out whether it was an embarrassed'Christopher's finally lost it - look away - don't catch his eye'sort of pause or more like 'Cool - how could we do that?'

    'Cool,'said Zelda after a moment. 'I wonder how we could do that.'

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