Encounters - A book by Cecilia Peartree(6)
Author:Cecilia Peartree

    'I know,'said Mrs Stevenson.

    Theystared at Christopher as if they expected him to do something. Hefelt an enormous weight of responsibility descend on his shoulders.

    The thingto do was to apply logical reasoning power to the problem - but thatwas hard to do with Jock perched on a stool and looking like aquizzical gnome, and Mrs Stevenson fixing him with a basilisk stare.

    In a brief moment's respite when Dave returned with the drinks, hethought: what we need to do is either convince Amaryllis that'normal' life is boring, or - and this was his brainwave -demonstrate to her what fun she could have just by keeping things theway there were at this moment.

    Just thenhe felt the icy draught as the door of the pub swung open. From hisvantage point in the window-seat he saw two strangers come in. Hisfirst reaction was that they looked boring and he hoped they didn'tcome over. Then Mrs Stevenson turned in her chair and saw them. Shesmiled and waved.

    'This isthem,' she said in a stage whisper. 'Don't tell them I saidanything.'

    The couple- for they were definitely a couple and were even holding hands,something which could get them barred from the Queen of Scots if thelandlord noticed - approached.

    'Hithere,' said the man breezily. 'Seen Amaryllis?'

    'She'sjust left,' growled Jock.

    ‘Good’,said the woman. She pulled an extra chair over to the table and satdown. The man copied her.

    ‘Hello,Jemima,’ he said to Mrs Stevenson. She nodded a welcome.

    ‘I’mZelda and he’s Bob,’ said the woman. ‘We’re here becausewe’ve got to do something about Amaryllis.’

    She wasdressed all in beige and brown, and her hair was brown too,Christopher noticed. He didn’t know if Amaryllis would like beingthe subject of this woman’s efforts.

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