Encounters - A book by Cecilia Peartree(10)
Author:Cecilia Peartree

    The dooropened again. A black pointed hat came through it, followed closelyby Amaryllis. Wearing her black coat and with her dark red hairsticking out wildly in all directions from under the hat, she made anall too realistic witch.

    ‘Well,I’m scared anyway,’ said Christopher.

    ‘Eatyour jelly-beans,’ she said, distributing small packets of sweets.‘You’re the first guisers I’ve had this year, so I thought I’djoin you. Where are we going?’

    Christopherand Jock avoided each other’s eyes.

    ‘We werejust going up to Jemima’s,’ said Christopher.

    ‘Ormaybe down to the fish and chip shop,’ said Jock.

    Amaryllislooked from one to the other and back.

    ‘Let’sgo down to the shore and look for aliens,’ she suggested.

    Justputting the hat on had turned her into a real witch, thoughtChristopher, not sure why he was surprised.

    ‘Noway,’ said Jock. ‘It’ll be freezing down there.’

    ‘But wemight see something,’ she wheedled. ‘You’re not scared, areyou?’

    ‘Hmph!’said Jock. ‘Nothing to be scared of.’

    Christophersighed heavily. ‘Suppose we’ll have to go then.’ He wondered ifhe had given in too easily: Jock was glaring at him.

    ‘OK,then,’ said Amaryllis, eating jelly-beans. She led the way down thesmall, narrow cobbled street that led to Sunk Causeway. She seemed tohave cheered up on her own. Christopher wondered if they had reallyneeded to go through this nonsensical charade. His fangs werebeginning to hurt and the collar of his good white shirt was tootight.

    ‘Haveyou got a xylophone?’ she asked suddenly.

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