Dumb Cows(3)
Author:Steven Bennett

    He only knew one thing:

    Because he was coming.

    And still he walked.

    But the day itself was beautiful. Springhad finally come, leaving cold deadness behind, and springtime in NewEngland was life itself. Trees had shaken off their cold, snowy coatsand plants were bursting through the thick blanket which had coveredthe earth for too long and now were making the most of the stores ofwater and abundant sunlight, digging roots deep into dark dirt whilestretching high toward the light. Everything was green and lush andblooming as if an explosion had taken place in the last few days andnature itself was daring the snow to reappear amongst the onslaughtof the thickening foliage.

    Thadeus took a deep breath and smiledfor the first time that day. The air was still cool, biting his lungsas they filled, but the sun was full with the promise of warmth fordays to come. The earth was thawing and the roads had changed fromfrozen ground to slimy mud to cool dirt. Not yet the choking trailsof summer--he was well acquainted with those, as well—but a nice,firm hardness underfoot, a good foundation. There was comfort in thesolid ground, a joy in the assurance of heat, and for him each steptook him further from the future for there was peace and calm tobalance the approaching storm.

    It hadn’t always been that way. In thebeginning it was all dread, and instead of being in the peacefulcenter of the hurricane, he found himself tossed and battered amidstthe destruction he brought.

    So he sought distance.

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