Dumb Cows
Author:Steven Bennett

    Dumb Cows


    Steven D. Bennett

    Smashwords Edition

    Copyright © 2011 by Steven D. Bennett

    Published by DeadLife Books



    Because he was coming, someonewas going to die.

    There was no way around it, no way todeny it. No way to run or hide from it. Certainly no turning back,not now, not ever.

    Because he was coming, someone was goingto die.

    And no matter how you presented thewords, it came down to that same finality, that same destiny whichawaited all with a timetable of its own making.

    Someone was going to die...because hewas coming.

    Someone who—at that very moment,perhaps--was laughing at a joke, or shaking hands with a friend, orplanning a date, or drinking a warm cup of coffee, or speakingencouragement to a colleague, or firing an employee, or hugging aloved one, or maybe even a child digging innocently in a safe, securesand box. Someone who was living life as all have lived would in amatter of time no longer be; mercifully unsuspectful of the darketernity approaching; like the clicks of a clock running backwards,erasing precious seconds with every step in the ever-narrowing gap oftime. Days, weeks, a month at the outside. Maybe today. Not evenThadeus knew the who or the when or even the why.

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