Crimes for Profit - A book by Tom Raley(7)
Author:Tom Raley

    Kramer gritted histeeth as he stared at Timber with a furious glare. He took severalmoments to compose himself before he finally spoke. "It is notthe losing which troubles me, it is the deception used by my opponentto obtain victory that I cannot tolerate. The boy is only eighteenand claimed to have only a basic knowledge of the game. I expectedhim to play haphazardly and perhaps even throw me off with a crudeand unpolished style, but he played impeccably. He countered myopening with the Sicilion defense and executed it perfectly. I playedone of my best matches, and still he forced me into a stalemate. NowI ask you, does that not sound as if some impropriety has occurred?"

    "Quite possibly,"Timber said. "But are you sure it is worth my fee to uncover themeans by which your defeat came about?"

    "Money is on noconcern," Kramer said. "I want justice. I wantsatisfaction."

    Timber reclined andfolded his hands across his chest. "Leave the pertinentinformation with us," he said. "I will be in touch."

    "I have everythingright here," Kramer said as he pulled out a single sheet ofpaper and held it out to Timber.

    Timber remainedreclined and Cheryl quickly took the information. Kramer seemed a bitconfused, but Cheryl understood the meeting was over and politelyshowed Kramer to the door. When she returned, Cheryl found Timber hadneither moved not changed his expression in the slightest. Presuminghe would recover eventually, Cheryl returned to her seat and beganscanning the information Kramer had provided. Several minutes passedbefore Timber finally sat up straight and addressed her.

    "Get me a roughreport on Mister Kramer and his young opponent," Timber said. "Iwould like that by noon tomorrow, of possible," he continued ashe rose. "I am going to have lunch. I will be unavailable forthe next hour, should anyone phone."

    Cheryl made her way toher own office which was a tiny little room just beside Timber'soffice. The room held everything she needed and she settled in tobegin her task. One five minute phone call and she was half way towhere she wanted to be, and she had already determined how tocomplete the second potion of her assignment. Another few minutes onthe Internet and Cheryl was ready to start typing up her report.

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