Crimes for Profit - A book by Tom Raley(5)
Author:Tom Raley

    'When Mister Farmertold me he was retiring and had an assistant, I agreed to hire him,rather, I agreed to hire you," he said. "At that time I hadno idea you were a woman. Since Mister Farmer spoke so highly of you,I am certain you are quite capable. However, I have no desire to havea woman in my employ or working within my house. This is nothingpersonal, I assure you."

    "It's just thatyou are a sexist,' Cheryl said.


    "Then I am sorryto have wasted your time," she said and began to rise.

    "One moment,please," Timber said. "I am a man of my word and I promisedyou a job, even if it was under false pretenses."

    "I never..."Cheryl began but hesitated as Timber held up a hand.

    "The deception wason the part of Mister Farmer, not yourself," he said. "Forthis reason I am willing to give you employment. If you areagreeable, you may work here until such time as you are able tosecure another position. I will pay you the agreed upon salary andthe apartment above the garage will be yours, if you need it. It isfurnished and I believe it to be quite comfortable."

    Timber finished andleaned back slightly as he stared across as Cheryl. It took her onlya moment to realize he had made his offer and was awaiting her reply.She had not expected such a decision to be thrust upon her andquickly tried to weigh the possibilities. There were severalpositives and negatives, besides the money, one item continued tocome up in her mine. By taking the position Timber offered, Cherylcould then put it on her resume, and that in itself would impress agreat many people.'

    "I accept,"Cheryl said. "When do I start?"

    "I have a clientcoming in at eleven o'clock, Timber said. "I would like you toattend that meeting."

    Cheryl greeted theclient at the door and led him into the office where Timber waited.Cheryl had been surprised to find she recognized the man and was evenmore surprised by his appearance. Alex Kramer was a world-renownedchess master with one world championship already under his belt atthe age of thirty-five. He was a man of considerable bulk and sporteda scuffy dark beard and bushy eyebrows that cast shadows on his beadylittle eyes. Had he been dressed in a leather jacket rather than athousand dollar suit, he would have easily fit in with any motorcyclegang in the country.

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