A Clean Getaway(4)
Author:Bobby Mathews

    “Turn off thelights,” I said. The tootsie roll up top went dark, and we slidthrough the city relatively unimpeded. The detective was quiet forfew minutes as he drove. I gave him minimal directions. The gun inhis side had to hurt – he didn't have on any body armor. As werode, I cursed myself. I never should have come back to the crimescene. I should have just hopped in the car with Curtis and rodeaway. But I thought it would be fun, you know, watch the cops millaround and wonder what the hell was going on. I'd know better nexttime.

    “What tippedyou?” I said.

    “It's fortydegrees out there, and you were the only guy sweating,” the copsaid. “You probably pulled the heist, dropped the loot off with abuddy and circled the block. When you told me you got there late, itmade me suspicious.”

    “Notsuspicious enough,” I said.

    He nodded, andgrimaced in pain. There was a purpling lump high on his cheek where Ihad struck him. It didn't do anything for his disposition, either.

    His cell phonerang, and I made him turn it off. A phone sends out a signal whenit's turned on, and a savvy tech can triangulate your position usingcell towers – but only if the phone is on. The cop wasn't likingany of this. He especially didn't like that he couldn't get a handleon me. There was no way to turn me, no way to fix this situation. Hejust had to ride it out.

    “You're goingto have to kill me, you know,” he said. “It's the only way I'llstop looking for you. And if you kill me, it will only get worse foryou. Kill a cop and they'll never stop looking for you.”

    “Shut up,” Isaid. But he was right. The moment he'd put me in the squad car, myoptions had become limited. When he decided to check my ID throughtheir computer, I was limited even further. And now I'd kidnapped acop. This wasn't going according to plan. By now Curtis was wonderingwhere I was. He wasn't calm enough just to wait for me.
    We made acouple of turns into the warehouse district. As the neighborhoodsfell away, I could see the cop getting more nervous. A couple oftimes the radio in the car crackled to life, and the detectivereached for the microphone. Each time I shooed his hand away.

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