A Clean Getaway(3)
Author:Bobby Mathews

    “What's yourstory, Mac?” The patrol officers had given way to detectives, andthe one questioning me was burly, as so many of them are, with ahatchet face and a ferret's beady, calculating eyes.

    “I saw an adon Craigslist for construction workers,” I said. “Said to be hereat 8 a.m., dressed in jeans, a gray T-shirt and a hard hat for daylabor.”

    “Great.” Hesaid. “Same story we got from everyone else. You see anything atall that happened here?”

    “No,” Isaid. “I was the last one to get here, I think.”

    There wassomething he didn't like about that answer. He took me by the arm andpulled me over to the line of squad cars that still sat, lightsrevolving, at the curb. He sat me in the passenger seat of one of thecars. No frisk, no handcuffs. Whatever had his wind up wasn't enoughto make me a full-on suspect. The detective left my door open. Hecame around to the driver's side, sat down and read my licenseinformation into the car's two-way radio.

    “Sorry aboutthis, Mr. Orr,” he said. “I just want to validate yourinformation.”

    “No problem,”I said. When the radio crackled again and the cop reached for it, Ihit him in the face with my left elbow. His head snapped back, and heclawed for his gun. I pulled mine out of one of the pockets of thetool belt first. It was a little .25 automatic. At this range it wasjust as lethal as his 9-millimeter. I had the hammer back and thebarrel in his ear before he could do anything.

    “Take your gunout with your forefinger and thumb,” I said. “Toss it in thefloorboard.”

    He did it.

    “I'm going toclose my door,” I said. “Then you're going to drive us away fromhere.”

    He shook hishead. He had to know that the farther away we got from the crimescene, the less likely his chances of survival. I pushed the gunharder against him.

    “If I go out,I'll make sure you go with me,” I said. When he didn't respond, Iswitched the gun briefly to my left hand, then reached over with myright and closed the door. I could feel his muscles tense, but he wassmart. We hadn't been in the cruiser more than a minute. Thedetective adjusted his mirrors, waited until it was clear, and thenpulled out into traffic.

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