The Zombie Workout

    TheZombie Workout


    TL Decay


    This is a work offiction. Do not take this as a literal instruction book. Especiallywhere use of weapons is suggested as an exercise the title anddescription of exercises are not to be taken literally. DO NOT STABanyone, DO NOT GET shot to writhe in pain for an abdominal workout! I hold no responsibility if you do something that monumentally dumb.

    Copyright 2010. All rights are reserved for this publication. TrevorSmith under the Pen Name T L Decay holds sole rights for this work.

    Consult with aphysician before starting any undead exercise programto ensure you are dead. No seriously DO NOT ATTEMPT exercises withoutknowing you are healthy enough to do so. If in doubt take this toyour doctor and or professional trainer to ensure you know what youcan and cannot do. Who knows, a professional trainer might enjoystepping into the grave yard with you. Remember that these aresuggestions, and a fun way to present traditional exercises. Doctorsand trainers can help you tailor any workout system to youpersonally.

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