To Woo A Wife(58)

By: Carole Mortimer

Charlie was thrilled with her new daddy; she barely remembered her own father, and, as she had adored Jarrett from the first, had taken his permanent arrival into their lives as a perfectly natural turn of events.

Their wedding night had been a revelation to Abbie, Jarrett giving pleasure rather than taking it, but revelling in her caresses too as she shyly responded in a way that had totally surprised her. And their lovemaking had only got better, so much so that they were reluctant to leave each other's arms.

'What are you thinking about?' Jarrett murmured softly, those golden eyes warm and loving as Abbie looked up at him.

She wasn't surprised he had realised her own wakefulness; they were so perfectly attuned to each other now. She stretched contentedly, letting her hand rest intimately against his thigh. 'Actually, I was wondering what you thought of the "paper-bag job" now?' she whispered mischievously.

Jarrett moved quickly, flipping her over onto her back as he leant over her. 'You're never going to let me forget that, are you?' he chuckled.

She grinned up at him. 'Well?' she challenged, moving sensuously against him.

'I'm thinking,' he said, 'that you need to be thoroughly loved, Mrs. Hunter.'

Mrs. Hunter... How she loved the sound of that! 'And I'm thinking, Mr. Hunter,' she whispered again, her arm moving up about his neck as she pulled his head slowly down to hers, 'that sounds like an excellent idea!'

'I'm all for excellent ideas,' Jarrett groaned as his mouth claimed hers in passionate response.

She was all for loving Jarrett for a lifetime. And longer...