Taking Care of Business(54)

By: Brenda Jackson

Tag nodded, looking forward to that day. “How about a big wedding at The Tides?”

Renee grinned. The suggestion definitely appealed to her. She had fallen in love with his grandparents’ home. “I think that’s a wonderful idea,” she said, leaning up and touching her lips to his. “And of course we’ll let your mother plan everything.”

Tag chuckled. “Of course.”

Renee’s smile faded somewhat when she said, “Your grandfather hasn’t accepted the idea of our marriage one hundred percent, Tag.”

Tag met her gaze. “No, but that’s his problem and not ours,” he said fiercely. “However, I have a feeling that by the day of our wedding he will have come around. And if not, then oh, well. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to stop me from making you an Elliott a year from now.”

With a smile, Renee leaned up and kissed him. “I like your determination.”

“You do?” he asked. “And what else do you like?”

She reached down and her fingers found him hard, large and ready again. “Um, I definitely like the way you go about taking care of business,” she said, shifting her body to let him know what she wanted and needed.

He leaned down and kissed her, and responding to him was so natural she took everything he was offering and more. And when he straddled her body and slowly eased inside of her, her mind went blank except for one thought. Yes, she definitely liked the way he was taking care of business.