Taking Care of Business(10)

By: Brenda Jackson

“This is crazy,” he said in a deep, husky voice, “but I’m dying to kiss you.”

Yes, it was crazy, she silently agreed. Because she was dying for him to kiss her. Earlier, she had listed in her mind all the reasons they couldn’t become involved, but at that very moment, the only thing she could concentrate on was the way he was looking at her, the heat that seemed to take over her body and the desire that was flowing through her veins. No man had ever made her feel this way before.

He was watching her as carefully as she was watching him. They both knew their next move would be one they wouldn’t forget in a long time—if ever. Tag studied her lips, saw them quiver nervously and knew the exact moment she would lick them with her tongue.

He was ready.

His tongue captured hers outside of her mouth, tangled with it as he thoroughly explored all of her, taking this intimate pleasure to a level he had never taken it before. Kissing was a special way to communicate without words, and what they weren’t saying was turning him on even more, stirring emotions he had denied himself for so long. Affection, passion and even lust ruled his thoughts, his mind and his body.

He thought her lips were beautifully shaped and her response to him had been spontaneous. He liked her taste, he was drowning in her fragrance and he was taking the kiss to a level he hadn’t known was possible.

Renee was literally panting for breath, but the thought of their mouths disconnecting was something she didn’t want to think about. She had never been kissed like this before. Tag was taking the art of French kissing to a whole other level. He wasn’t just keeping her tongue busy, he was intimately mating with it, leaving her breathless, weak in the knees, moaning out loud. He seemed to be lapping up each and every sound she made.

A part of her brain wanted to shut down everything she was feeling. It tried reminding her that what they were doing wasn’t good. He was white, he was rich, his mother was her patient…and so on and so forth. But at that very moment, the only thing that was getting through to her was the tingling she felt all the way to her toes as well as the pool of heat that had settled right smack between her legs. And there was also the hardness of him that she felt against her thighs, and the sensitive feel of her nipples pressed against his solid chest.

Slowly, he pulled away, drawing in a deep breath. The sound filtered through her like a soft caress. The blue eyes staring at her held such intensity it made her pulse race even faster.

“That,” he said softly, “was my first.”

She held his gaze, had been drawn into it, was locked into it. “Your first what?” she somehow managed to ask in a tone that sounded like a whisper.

“My first real kiss.” His brow furrowed as if he was somewhat troubled at the thought. “I’ve never given so much of myself to a woman before.”

His words touched her in a way she had never been touched before. They were just as deep and profound as his kiss had been. He reached out and lifted her chin with the tip of his finger. “You are simply beautiful.” He then shook his head as if amazed. “No, I take that back. You are beautiful. There is nothing simple about it.”

He leaned forward and kissed her lips again. “Now to repeat my earlier question, will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?”

Renee released a long, drawn breath. Her mind, thanks to Tag, was jumbled in mass confusion, but the one thing that rang clear was the fact that they shouldn’t see each other again this way for a number of reasons on which she didn’t want to dwell at the moment. “I don’t think having dinner with you is a good idea.”

He lifted a dark brow, angled his head and asked, “Why not?”

She sighed deeply. He was making this difficult. What was obvious to her evidently wasn’t to him. That kiss had revealed too much. Too many more of those and she would be falling hard and heavy for him, not caring about the differences between them.

Knowing he was waiting on an answer, she decided to take the easy way out. “Your mother is my patient so we shouldn’t be getting involved.”

Tag opened his mouth to say having dinner with him was not getting involved, but that wouldn’t be completely honest. If he were to take her to dinner, he would want to kiss her good-night, and another kiss like the one they’d shared just might have him begging for a taste of something else. When they had kissed, and he had stroked her tongue with his own, her lips had been so soft, her tongue welcoming and her flavor so sweet….

“For how long?” he asked, leaning back against the closed door.