Stone Cold Surrender(8)

By: Brenda Jackson

ever ridden a horse. My dad tried getting her to take riding lessons when I took mine but she refused.”

Stone nodded. “They probably rode double. Although it

might be strenuous, it’s possible on a good, strong horse,”

he said. He could just imagine Madison sitting behind him on horseback. He took a deep, calming breath as he

thought about her arms wrapped around him when she

hung on to him, and the feel of her breasts pressed against his back while her scent filled his nostrils.

He winced. He had to stop thinking about her like this. He was in Montana to research a book, not to get involved in a serious affair or a nonserious one for that matter. However, he had to admit that the thought of it, especially with

Madison as a partner, was a damn good one.

Together they walked to the area where they needed to

claim their luggage. Stone scanned the crowd for Durango and wasn’t surprised when he didn’t see him. He assisted Madison in pulling her luggage off the conveyor belt before getting his bags.

“Thanks for making my flight enjoyable. Because of you I was able to take my mind off my fear of flying.”

He decided not to say that, on the same note, thanks to her, he was reminded just how long it had been since he’d had a woman. “Do you see the person who’s supposed to be

picking you up?” he asked glancing around.

“No. Maybe I should call. Will you excuse me while I use that courtesy phone over there?”


Stone watched her walk to the phone. In a tailored pantsuit that fit her body to perfection, she looked totally out of place in Bozeman, Montana. All the other women were wearing

jeans and shirts, and she was dressed like she was

attending a high priority business meeting somewhere. He appreciated the sway of her hips when she walked and how her hair brushed against her shoulders with every step she took.

“You can’t be left alone one minute before you’re checking out a woman, Stone. Even one who has ‘city girl’ written all over her.”

Stone switched his attention from Madison to the man who had suddenly appeared by his side: his cousin Durango. “I sat by her on the plane from Atlanta. She’s nice.”

Durango chuckled as a wide grin covered his face. “All women are nice.”

Stone shook his head. Everyone in the family knew that,

like his brother Storm, Durango was a ladies’ man, a player of the first degree and, like Stone and their uncle Corey,

Durango had no intention of ever settling down. And

speaking of Corey….

“When was the last time you saw Uncle Corey?” Stone

decided to cut to the chase and ask. He knew that Durango kept up with their uncle’s comings and goings. If there was

some woman on Corey’s mountain, Durango would know about it.

The grin suddenly disappeared from Durango’s face; not a good sign as far as Stone was concerned. “Funny you

should ask,” Durango said frowning. “I haven’t seen him for a week and I know for a fact he has a woman up there on his mountain.”

That wasn’t what Stone wanted to hear. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I saw her myself when they were passing

through. She’s a nice-looking woman, probably in her late forties and talks with one of those northern accents. They’ve been up on that mountain for almost a week now and Corey won’t answer the phone or return my calls. It makes me

wonder what’s going on up there and how this woman got such special privileges. I couldn’t believe he broke his long- standing rule about a woman on his mountain.”

Stone leaned back against the railing. His mind was reeling and he needed to make sure he had heard everything

Durango was telling him correctly. “You’re saying that Corey actually has a woman on his mountain?”

“Yes, and she’s not a long-lost relative, either, because I

asked. Besides, it was obvious she wasn’t related by the

way they were acting. He couldn’t wait to leave my place to head into the mountains and it doesn’t appear he’s bringing

her down anytime soon.”

Stone rubbed a hand down his face. “And you’re sure you don’t know who she is?”

Durango’s frown deepened. “No, I don’t know who she is, Stone, other than the fact he was calling her Abby. But you better believe that this Abby woman has hooked him in

good, and I mean real good.”

When the crowd standing directly behind Durango shifted, Stone noticed that Madison had finished her call and had walked up. From the expression on her face it was obvious that she had pretty much overheard most of what Durango had said.