Stone Cold Surrender(59)

By: Brenda Jackson


Madison glanced up at her husband of less than an hour and knew it was time to meet the rest of his siblings and cousins. She had met his parents, his sister Delaney, her

husband Prince Jamal Ari Yasir and their son Ari last night. Almost everyone else had arrived an hour or two before the wedding was to take place, so she hadn’t had the chance to meet them beforehand.

“Yes, I’m ready,” she said, inhaling deeply.

Stone leaned down and kissed her lips; then, taking her

hand in his, he led her over to an area where a group stood talking. A couple of people she recognized, but others she did not.

First he introduced her to his married brothers, Dare and Thorn, and their wives, Shelly and Tara. Madison could

immediately feel the love flowing between the couples and hoped that her and Stone’s marriage would be just as

strong and loving.

Stone then introduced her to his brother, the one he said

the ladies called “The Perfect Storm.” She could see why. He was drop-dead gorgeous and she had a strong feeling that he knew it. Then she met Storm’s fraternal twin, Chase, and he was just as gorgeous. In fact she was discovering that all the male Westmorelands were good-looking men.

Next came the cousins: Jared, Spencer, Ian, Quade and

Reggie. She had already met Quade and Durango, and

Durango pulled her into his arms and gave her an

astounding, welcome-to-the-family kiss on her lips and said

he liked her even if she was a city girl. She gave Stone a questioning look and the response in his eyes indicated that he would explain things later.

She then got the chance to see the newest Westmoreland cousins again; Clint and Cole, as well as the daughter

Corey Westmoreland never knew he had: Casey.

Casey Westmoreland was shockingly beautiful and

Madison thought it amusing to see how all the single men present who weren’t Westmorelands were giving her their undivided attention. Now she understood what Clint and Cole had meant when they’d insinuated that it hadn’t been easy being Casey’s brothers.

After all the introductions were made, Stone pulled

Madison into his arms. They would be leaving the mountain in a few hours to spend a week in San Francisco. Her

mother and Corey were headed in the opposite direction to spend a week in Jamaica.

Madison had never been to the Bay area and Stone, who’d been there several times, had planned a special

honeymoon there for them.

They would be leaving the country within the month for

Stone’s four-month European book tour. They would return just weeks before Christmas and had decided to make

Atlanta their primary home.

“I can’t wait to get you all to myself,” Stone whispered to his wife moments later, when her mother had indicated it was time to cut the cake and to take more pictures.

“I can’t wait to get you all to myself, too,” Madison said

smiling and meaning every word. She had a surprise for

him. She had composed a song just for him. And she knew as she gazed lovingly at her husband that it was a song that would stay in her heart forever.