By: Brenda Jackson

He threw his head back and growled as she worked her mouth and tongue over his rod. The sight of her on her knees with him fully planted inside her mouth, bobbing her head up and down while her hands played gently with his balls, had his erection throbbing to an almost explosive state. He reached down and grabbed hold of a fistful of her hair to hold her mouth still when the unbearable pleasure intensified. Every cell in his body seemed electrified.

His nerve endings were stretched to the limit and the sensations firing through him shuddered deep in his gut.

When he felt himself almost pushed over the edge, he grabbed her chin and pulled his rod out of her mouth. Ignoring her whimper of disappointment, he lifted her into his arms and quickly crossed back to the bed and placed her on it. He came down with her, and before she could straighten her body, he was there pushing her backward. His hands grabbed hold of her hips and his head went between her legs. Now it was time for his tongue to pleasure her.

His fingers parted her folds, and the moment his tongue slid inside her and he was introduced to her taste, a rush of new sensations surged through him, made him clasp her hips tighter to bring her closer to his mouth. His tongue moved frantically inside her and he knew the exact moment he found what he was seeking. “Duan!”

He withdrew his tongue and let the tip play with her clit. His lips then came together and greedily devoured it. He had to hold her down with his hands when she began moving frantically beneath his mouth as he savored her unique taste of honey.

She shuddered just seconds before she screamed. It was only after the last spasm passed through her body that he loosened his hold on her and pulled back to retrieve a condom from his wallet.

He sheathed himself and moved back toward the bed to find her still stretched out in that same position, as inviting as any woman could be.

That pose made him ease onto the mattress on all fours, like a lion capturing his prey, and when he had straddled her, effectively pinning her beneath him, he met her gaze. He leaned in and captured her mouth at the same moment that he slid inside her, not stopping until he was buried deep.

And then he began making love to her, deciding there would be nothing quick in their mating this time around.


DUAN OPENED HIS EYES and squinted against the bright sunlight flowing in through the hotel-room window. It was at that moment he felt the soft feminine naked body resting against him, his front spooning her backside.

A shiver of pleasure flowed through him when he remembered everything that had happened—all he’d done over the past fourteen-plus hours. And he wasn’t feeling one moment of regret. In fact, he felt electrified in a way he’d never felt before. Kim had satisfied a fierce need inside him. Making love to her had been everything he’d wanted, and more.She had met him on every level and together they had shared climax after magnificent climax. But for some reason what they’d shared was a lot more than sex. She had managed to tap into a Duan Jeffries few people saw. The one who longed not to be so disciplined. The one who didn’t necessarily want to be a good guy all the time.

Growing up he’d had no choice. He was the oldest and was expected to set a good example for Terrence and Olivia. His mother had caused his father enough scandal, and Orin Jeffries hadn’t needed his oldest son to follow in his wife’s footsteps. So he had done everything right. He had gotten the best grades in school and had gone into law enforcement after college to keep the bad guys off the street. In a way his occupation as a private investigator was still doing that. He enjoyed his work. He loved preserving the peace and making sure those who broke the law were put behind bars. But still…

It had been fun slipping off in the middle of his brother’s wedding reception for a quickie. And if that hadn’t been shameful enough, before Terrence and Sherri could make it to the airport for their honeymoon, he had come up to Kim’s room, driven with a desire to see her naked and to engage in more sex. Shameful to some but total pleasure for him.

He was simply enthralled and could only wonder what there was about Kim that made him respond to her with a spontaneity that he found disconcerting as well as fascinating. What was there about her that dared him to become a risk taker?

His thoughts were interrupted when she shifted in sleep, snuggling her luscious backside even closer to him. Already his rod was awake, and the damn greedy bastard was stretching. It obviously liked the feel of Kim’s bare bottom pressed against it.

He suppressed the urge. For some reason he didn’t want to do anything more than just lie there and hold her, share the essence of her heat.