By: Brenda Jackson

More confusion flashed in the dark depths of his eyes. “But that was just a couple of hours ago.”

She smiled. “I know. Once I heard you say you loved me, but that you weren’t sure I loved you, I knew I had to come here and tell you in person. So, without Terrence even knowing I’d been there, I left and drove directly to the airport.”

A look of incredulity shone on Duan’s face. “Without a ticket?”

Kim managed a chuckle. “A ticket was the least of my problems. I had to call to let the hospital know I wouldn’t be in tomorrow. Luckily I was scheduled to be off this weekend anyway. But the biggest goof of all was when I discovered I didn’t have a house address for you until I got in the cab and the driver asked where I was going. I had to call Sherri to get it.”

Duan threw his head back and laughed.

She couldn’t help but join in when she thought about it, although it hadn’t been funny at the time. “So, I guess you can say that my visit here was rather spontaneous.”

Duan grinned from ear to ear. “Yes, I think it would be safe to say that. Spontaneous is definitely the word of the day, and it seems the norm for us.”

“And if you noticed, I was wearing my nurse’s uniform, which means unless you plan to have me walking around nude all weekend, I’ll need more clothes. And a few toiletries.”

“You walking around naked won’t be a problem for me,” Duan informed her. “In fact I rather like the idea. And as for the toiletries, just make a list of everything you need and I’ll go out and get them.”

He reached out and rubbed the tip of his finger across her chin. “I meant what I said to Terrence, Kim. I won’t stand in the way of your dream. You are going to med school.”

The corners of her lips tilted into a smile. “Yes, I am going to medical school. But Terrence was right, Duan. You and I can work out anything because we love each other. I will go to med school, and on the flight here I decided which one, since I’ve received several offers. I’m going to accept the offer from Emory University here in Atlanta. That means you’re going to have a roommate for a while, Duan Jeffries.”

Kim scrutinized his face to see how the thought of her moving in with him would go over, especially when she would be unemployed and going to school full-time. From the smile on his face, she knew he was fine with the idea.

“I would love for you to share this place with me, Kim,” he said, leaning closer to her. “But only as a short-term roommate.”

He reached in the drawer to the nightstand behind him and pulled out a small box. Kim recognized it immediately. It was his grandmother’s ring. The ring she had returned to him a few weeks ago. The ring she had grown used to wearing. The one she’d fallen in love with. The ring that looked perfect on her hand.

Tears filled her eyes as he took her hand in his. “I’d rather have you as my wife instead of a roommate. Kim, will you marry me? Be the mother of our babies? Trust me to make you happy? And know that on the day you become Dr. Kimani Cannon Jeffries, I will be just as happy as you, and that I will cherish you, honor you and forever love you.”

Kim smiled and raised her eyebrows. “And will you play with me anytime I want?”

He chuckled. “Yes, sweetheart, I will play with you anytime you want.”

“In that case, yes, I will marry you.”

Duan slid the ring on her finger and leaned down and kissed her with all the longing and hunger of a man in love. When he finally pulled back she smiled up at him, placed her arms around his neck, and said, “I’m ready to play some more.”

And they did.