Sold into Marriage(53)

By: Ann Major

She leaned over him and whispered the rest of her fantasy in his ear. When she sat up and began to unbutton her shirt, she saw that his eyes were already glittering darkly with desire.

“See—aren’t you glad you married me?”

“Oh, yes…yes…yes….”

When she removed her blouse and bra, he traced the soft shape of her breasts, teasing her nipples with hands that shook.

“Not yet,” she murmured. “You have to go outside and watch me undress first.”

“Not until you kiss me again and tell me you love me.”

“I love you. Always and forever.”

“You forgot to kiss me.”

“I was saving the best part for last.”

When she opened her mouth, his tongue filled hers. He pressed his mouth closer and closer, until she felt the warmth of his love in every cell in her being.

She was loved. At last.

The man at her window was no longer a stranger. He was her husband, and the father of her precious son.

“Oh, Adam, I don’t deserve to be this happy.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Where you’ve always been wrong. You’re a beautiful, sensitive woman, who deserves to be loved and admired and cherished. Maybe it’s time we both lightened up on ourselves.”

He caught her mouth in another all-consuming kiss that went on and on for a very long time.


Christmas, one year later

Austin, TexasJ osie squeezed Adam’s hand as they stood together in the yellow nursery staring down at their black-headed son, who was dark and long-bodied and the spitting image of his father, or so everybody said.

“Jake looks so cute curled up in that red velvet onesy your mom got him,” Josie said. “I can’t believe he won’t wake up for Christmas.”

“Next year when he’s all over the place, we’ll be wishing he’d take a nap.”

“Don’t you think he gets cuter every day?” Josie asked.

“And tougher, too,” Adam murmured.

“Like his daddy.”

“We’ll have to get him a pair of boots and a Stetson soon. We’ll have him on a horse before he can walk.”

“Not alone, I hope,” Josie said.

“No, he’ll be with me.”

Downstairs Marion was laughing at something outrageous Gigi had said.

As she listened to their mothers, who got along amazingly well, Josie held her breath. She couldn’t believe that she was finally having the Christmas she’d always dreamed of, with real presents piled high under a real Christmas tree. But she was.

The house was decorated to the max and filled with Christmas guests, including Lucas and Marion and Camille Vanderford, as well as all of Josie’s family from New Orleans.

Bob had a turkey in the oven, and the scent of rosemary and thyme and turkey meat drifted up the stairs. “The Night Before Christmas” was playing in every room, and a three-story tree that had taken Bob a week to erect and decorate stood in their living room.

“This is the best Christmas ever,” Josie said. “At least for me.”

“For me, too, because I have you…and Jake.”

“Family,” Josie whispered. Finally, because of Adam, she felt that she belonged to a real family.

Adam pulled her close and brushed her cheek with his lips, maybe to dispel even the shadow of a doubt.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered.

“The merriest ever. At least for me,” she said.

“For me, too. What would my life be without you?”

“Or mine? I never thought that such happiness was possible.”

“When Jake’s a little older, we’ll get Mother to come stay a few days. I’ll take you back to Paris for a delayed honeymoon.”

“Maybe we can rent the same apartments…. Or one with a view of the Eiffel Tower….”

“And I can watch you from the dark….”

“We can do that here…tonight,” she said.

She slipped into his arms, and he kissed her long and hard until Jake began to whimper. Then they picked him up, cuddled him close and kissed and hugged him, too.