Not Another Blind Date…

By: Janelle Denison

Janelle Denison,Leslie Kelly,Jo leigh


SEX WITH A STRANGER was a fantasy Jayne Young had often entertained in her mind while she lay in bed at night, but she never in her wildest dreams would have believed that such a fanciful illusion would ever become reality.

She’d always been a quintessential good girl who took things slowly with a guy, and she’d never been tempted to indulge in a one-night stand with any man she’d dated. Yet here she was, allowing a gorgeous, smoldering hot pirate she’d met only a few hours ago to lead her away from the crush of people packed into the nightclub—all of whom were dressed in various costumes for Halloween—to somewhere more secluded where they could be alone and finally give in to the lust that had been simmering between them since the moment their gazes had met from across the room.In a club full of scantily clad costumed women, she’d been surprised that he’d singled her out. With a slow, devastatingly sexy smile on his lips, he’d strolled toward her, a dashing figure in a billowing white cotton shirt that was halfway unbuttoned and gave every woman in the place a glimpse of his well-defined chest and washboard abs. Tight black breeches molded to his lean hips and hard, muscular thighs, and a royal blue sash cinched his waist.

He’d completed the look of a rogue with his tousled dark brown hair, and a black patch covering one eye. The other was a piercing shade of blue that made her heart flutter in her chest and raised the level of awareness thrumming through her veins.

Stopping before her, he’d executed a gallant, charming bow, his manner reminiscent of Orlando Bloom in The Pirates of The Caribbean. “You must be Jane.”

That he knew her name had initially startled her, until she realized he was referring to the formfitting, one-shouldered, leopard print mini dress her best friend Darcie, had coaxed her into wearing in hopes of bringing out Jayne’s wilder side for the evening. The sexy costume, complete with four-inch leopard print heels and a necklace of faux tiger teeth, had been an amusing and deliberate twist on her own name.

Darcie had glammed up her hair and make-up in hopes that Plain Jayne would find her Tarzan at the club. But even though her character’s counter part was nowhere to be found, Jayne was sure her friend would be thrilled to know her efforts to transform Jayne had attracted such a smoking-hot hunk.

“I am Jayne,” she replied, raising her voice above the loud music. It didn’t matter that he believed she was playing a role—in fact, she preferred it that way. In this sexually charged environment, dressed so provocatively and way outside her personal comfort zone, she liked the fact that she was able to maintain her anonymity.

He straightened, then inclined his head and offered his hand in a sweeping gesture. “Care to take a whirl on the dance floor with a swashbuckling pirate?” he drawled.

She found his attempt to persuade her irresistible, and the seductive look on his handsome face triggered a jolt of excitement unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Since Darcie had been enticed out onto the dance floor by a vampire, Jayne figured she might as well have some fun, too.

Exhaling a deep breath, she placed her hand in his. “I’d love to join you.”

He gave her a flirtatious grin that made her stomach do a little flip, then led her into the throng of costumed revelers who were dancing without inhibition or modesty—a brash and bold attitude that Jayne didn’t have much experience with. The atmosphere was electric, and for the first time in her life she threw caution, and her more reserved nature, aside and let herself enjoy the inviting beat of the music, and the pirate who’d picked her out of all the other women in the club.

It didn’t take her long to get drawn into the suggestive scene around her, and since she didn’t know anyone at the club other than Darcie, it was easy to relax and let loose. The next few hours were filled with heated looks and subtle touches between her and her pirate. The chemistry between them was undeniable, and what started as an instant attraction and flirtation quickly escalated to something hotter, sexier and oh-so-arousing.

The press of people forced her into close proximity with her hunk, not that she minded, and when she faltered on her too-high heels he caught her around the waist and brought her flush against him, searing her with the heat and strength of his body imprinting her breasts, her belly, her thighs.

That’s when everything between them changed. With their hips pressed so intimately together, she could feel the hard length of him, could see the desire gleaming in his one dark blue eye. For her. A reckless thrill raced through her, and for what seemed like forever they stared at one another while everyone else continued to dance around them. Then his hungry, searing gaze dropped to her mouth.