Marriage and Miracles(66)

By: Miranda Lee

'You have a son, Mr Whitmore,' the doctor announced proudly. 'Here, Nurse, let Gemma hold her boy. She deserves it. She's had a pretty rough time.'

Nathan watched as all the exhaustion left Gemma's face, her eyes sparkling with maternal joy as her arms reached for her son. 'Oh, Nathan,' she cried, drawing the infant to her breast. 'Isn't he beautiful? Isn't he the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?'

Nathan swallowed. Yes, he thought. He had never seen anything as beautiful as his wife and son together.

His heart squeezed tight for a moment when he thought of how his son had been conceived, but he quickly realised that none of what had happened in the past mattered any more. Nothing mattered but what he said and did from this day forward.

A resolution formed in his mind that he would marry his Gemma again. She would come to him down the aisle of a church, on her father's arm and dressed in white. Everyone would be there to watch them take solemn vows—even that ghastly old Ma—and afterwards they w ould have a fantastic reception before going away on a proper honeymoon then coming back to live happily ever after at Belleview. But the most important resolution of all was that he would not let a day go by without telling Gemma how much he loved her.

'What do you think Celeste will call him?' she asked, interrupting his train of thought.

'Alexander,' he said straight away. 'Your mother called me on the car phone while I was driving up here so that I could tell you. Alexander, if it was a boy, and Augusta if it was a girl.'

Gemma blinked up at him, then laughed. 'Thank God it was a boy.'

Nathan had to smile. 'Amen to that.'

'In that case pass me little Alexander,' the nurse said, smiling herself. 'I think he needs a bath and some clothes.' She carried him away, cooing and clucking.

Gemma sighed. 'I can see Alex is going to be a ladykiller. Just like his father.'

'I think he takes after his mother.'

'Oh? In what way?'

'By being instantly, infinitely lovable.'

Gemma's breath caught in her throat. It was so close to his saying he loved her. So close.

Nathan reefed the mask over his head, then bent down to kiss her on the lips, so softly that it was like feathers brushing over her mouth. 'Have I told you lately that I love you?' he murmured.

Her heart stopped. 'Not.. .not lately,' she managed to say in a strangled voice.

'I love you,' he said simply.

Gemma closed her eyes, then let out a shuddering sigh. How many moments could be as wonderful as this? How often did one have it all? How many miracles actually happened?

'I love you,' he repeated, his voice trembling.

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