In the Rich Man's World(56)

By: Carol Marinelli

‘It’s brilliant—your article’s perfect. This is going to really help awareness. The only trouble is now you’re going to have to top it. You’re going to have to think of something just as interesting to write about…’ A knowing smile inched across his lips as Amelia for once remained silent, those two spots of colour spreading across her face and down her neck.

‘Amelia? Are you going to tell me what you’re up to?’

Back under the sofa cushion, she pulled out some more papers—only this time photos were attached, dark almond eyes were staring back at him, and she watched his curious frown, his mouth opening to speak and closing again.

Amelia tentatively tried to explain. Tried to explain to this wonderful, difficult man how she was feeling, tried to capture with halting words that the more love she received the more she had to give, that love really was the cup that runneth over.

‘You remember when I stalled on taking the blood test? Remember how terrified I was that I might carry the gene as well?’

‘Of course,’ Vaughan said warily.

‘And you remember how we decided that if we weren’t going to have children then we’d consider overseas adoption, and you got all the information, showed me how many children there were in need of loving parents?’


‘Well, I was thinking of doing a piece on that—thinking of following a couple on their journey.’

‘Good idea!’ Vaughan grinned, relief evident on his face. ‘So who did you have in mind?’

His relief was short-lived, his eyes widening when Amelia didn’t answer, just stared at the photo he was holding in his hands—a two-year-old boy who, according to the bio, quite simply couldn’t be placed. Newborn babes were the order of the day for most young couples. Two-year-olds with attitude were far harder to find a home for.

‘If we’d ended up adopting we’d have loved him.’ Amelia swallowed hard. ‘We’d have loved him just as much as we love Rory. He wouldn’t have been second best.’

‘No.’ Vaughan raked a hand through his hair. ‘But, Amelia, he might already have a family by now.’

‘And he might not.’

For the longest time he was silent, staring at the photo for an age before turning to her. ‘Are you unhappy, Amelia? Is there…?’

‘I’ve never been more happy, Vaughan. Never been more fulfilled. Over and over I pinch myself—can’t believe how lucky I am, how lucky we all are to have found each other.’

She knew he was listening, but his eyes had left hers now, were staring instead at the sad, bewildered eyes in the picture he held. A soft smile formed on his lips. ‘He is kind of cute,’ Vaughan said very slowly, very cautiously, and Amelia knew she had to hold back a touch, couldn’t let her mounting excitement sway him for even a moment. This decision was way too important to be rushed into. It was a child they were talking about, not some crazy impulse buy they could take back and exchange if things didn’t work out.

But already she loved him.

And from the look in Vaughan’s eyes, the way his thumb was stroking the pale cheeks on the photo, he was starting to feel that way too.

‘I’m supposed to be a bastard.’ Putting down the papers, he dragged her into his arms and she went unrelenting. ‘I’m supposed to be a complete cad, making a mere token effort to settle down.’

‘I know.’ Amelia smiled, closing her eyes in bliss as he held her ever closer to his chest. ‘I read all about it last week.’

‘You know,’ Vaughan whispered, pulling her in, safe in the warm glow of love, ‘this is going to completely ruin my reputation.’