His Sicilian Cinderella(52)

By: Carol Marinelli

It was the gentlest coupling, the deepest and most intense feeling as now they could both look and touch.

Yes, they remembered the longing as they had lain on that grassy knoll, a safe distance from each other, and made love with their eyes.

Then he smiled at her temper and the ice-cold water that had doused him that morning in Hotel Fiscella and he pulled her down a little harder.

Her shoulders were tense and her neck felt as if it needed to stretch, but that would mean she left the gaze of his eyes.

‘I love you for ever,’ he said, and she toppled forward, resting her head on his shoulder as she started to come.

The water barely moved, there was just the lap at the edges as he came deep inside. There was little to denote all that took place beneath the calm surface but they knew the deep pleasure the other gave. Matteo moved her head back so that he could see her.

‘Come to bed,’ he said. ‘Come to bed with me tonight and be my lover for the rest of my life.’

As he had all those years ago, he carried her there. This time the French windows were open. Now there was just the sound of the ocean and a lot of love to be made.

It was a view to live for.