Hidden Love(55)

By: Carole Mortimer

'Daddy!' Matthew shouted once again, obviously feeling he had been ignored long enough.

Rachel gave a husky laugh. 'Well, he seems to have made his mind up.'

Nick's expression was content. 'And you…have you made your mind up?'

She gave him a clear untroubled smile. 'I never had a choice and I never wanted one.'

'I love you,' Nick groaned.

'I love you too.'

'Later on tonight I'd like to show you how much,' he questioned.

She raised teasing eyebrows. 'I don't know how Matthew will feel about that. You see, up to now he has shared my room with me.'

'And you let me think…! You Mrs. St Clare are not going to get any sleep tonight, you are going to be showing me how sorry you are for deceiving me,' he warned.

A loud cough from the hallway heralded her mother's entrance with Matthew's milk, obviously feeling she had waited in the kitchen long enough to give them the time they needed to sort things out between them. Matthew struggled to go down to the floor, drinking the milk shake down thirstily.

'Greedy little devil, isn't he?' Nick murmured proudly.

'Like his father,' she nodded absently. 'Nick---'

His hand grasped hers understandingly. 'This is a new beginning for us, Rachel. The past is forgotten. Yes?'

'Yes' she agreed fervently.

'Only one thing hasn't changed, our love for each other and this time we won't keep it hidden. And who knows,' he added teasingly, 'Matthew may be going to have a brother or sister because of this afternoon.'

'Not again!' Rachel groaned.

'I'd be with you this time, Rachel.' Nick's hand tightened painfully 'From now on I'll always be with you.'

It was a promise for the future, and one Rachel readily accepted