Hidden Love(3)

By: Carole Mortimer

The doctor came back to tell her it would be several hours yet, and since she had tried the number Kay had given her for her husband and been met with one of those infuriating machines that said, 'I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm out at the moment. If you wish to leave a message do so now,' she decided she had better wait here until the absent Mr. Lennox came to the hospital in answer to her message for him to do so.

There were a few magazines lying about the waiting room, but none of them really held her interest. The minutes dragged by into hours, until suddenly she realized it was almost dinner time and she had received no further word from the doctor on Kay's condition, and Nick Lennox still hadn't put in an appearance.

When she tried the telephone number Kay had given her for a second time it was to again be met with that hollow-sounding, recording, leaving the same message for Mr. Lennox to come to the hospital immediately, thinking that at this rate the baby would be a year old before its father put in an appearance! It was ridiculous to leave on an answering service when you knew your wife was so near to having her baby.

The doctor came back into, the waiting-room just after she had returned herself. 'No Mr. Lennox yet?' he raised his eyebrows.

'I'm afraid not,' she grimaced.

'Well, in the circumstances ... You accompanied Mrs. Lennox, I believe?' he looked at her enquiringly.

'Yes.' she nodded.

He shrugged. 'It should be another hour or so before the baby is born, and Mrs. Lennox keeps asking for her husband. I wondered if you would mind talking to her for a few minutes, just to assure her that he has been notified.'

The thought of entering that clinical-looking room she had caught a glimpse of as they wheeled Kay Lennox inside didn't exactly thrill her. Like most people, she had no love of hospitals. But Danny's words about getting involved came back to taunt her, and she was determined to prove to herself, if to no one else, that she could cope with this.

The gown, cap, and shoe-guards they made her wear weren't exactly glamorous, and the next few minutes of reassuring Kay that Nick had been notified and was probably on his way here even now-something she hoped, but doubted weren't the most, enjoyable she had ever spent in her life; Kay's contractions were obviously coming very frequently now.

She felt quite dizzy once she was back in the waiting room, very grateful to the nurse who brought her a pot of tea and a sandwich. No one else had turned up in the waiting room her absence, so she still had the place to herself. Considering the number of babies being born in this country she was rather surprised at the, small number of births in this private clinic today.

The tea was hot and strong, the chicken salad, sandwich delicious, and she had just taken another mouth-watering bite when the door opened and a man came into the room. Her eyes widened as she looked at him, at the golden-blond hair, the deeply tanned, skin, the obviously athletic body in the black fitted trousers and black silk shirt, the latter partly unbuttoned to reveal the darker blond hair that grew on his chest. But it was his face that was so arresting, an arrogantly handsome face that was familiar and yet somehow wasn't.

His eyebrows were the same dark blond of the hair on his chest, his eyes deeply blue, the lashes long and thick, his nose long and straight, his mouth rather stern now, although the laughter lines about his eyes seemed to indicate that he didn't always look this forbidding.

Rachel slowly lowered the sandwich back on to the plate, watching with mesmerized eyes as he closed the door and walked across the room towards her, his movements made with ease, his body lean and muscled, his clothes looking good on him. He was really a very attractive man, in his late twenties or early thirties, sure of himself and other people's reaction to him.

'Miss James?'

His voice was low and husky sexy, most of her friends would have, called it.

'Yes.' she answered, frowning now.

This man didn't look like a doctor. Oh, she knew that not all doctors had to wear white coats, but this man just didn't look anything like the harassed doctor who had spoken to her earlier. In fact, this man looked as if very little bothered him at all!

He nodded, as if she had just confirmed his thoughts. 'I thought so. I got your messages on my answering service, and--'

'You're Nick?' Her eyes widened with disbelief. This was Nick Lennox?

He smiled at her surprise, his eyes crinkling at the corners, as she had known they would, instantly looking more boyish, although the leashed power that surrounded him seemed to deny he had ever been that. This man looked as if he had been born experienced.

'Yes, I'm Nick,' he told her, his accent as American as his wife's, Rachel noticed for the first time.

Rachel frowned her confusion. He really wasn't what she had been expecting Kay's husband to be like. Or was it just that he didn't look like anyone's husband, the looks he was giving her seeming to say he didn't feel like anyone's husband either; open appreciation for her slender curves and gaminly attractive features were shown clearly in his deep blue eyes.