Forbidden Surrender(62)

By: Carole Mortimer

Dominic lay against her breasts, his arms possessive. 'The first time I saw you I knew you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.'

'You thought I was Marie!'

He shook his head. 'I don't think I did, not even then. I was excited just looking at you, and that had never happened with Marie.'

'She assures me you're only friends,' Sara taunted, smoothing the darkness of his hair.

'We are. Marie has always been like a kid sister to me, you were something else completely, right from the first. I become aroused just looking at you.'

'Dominic!' she blushed her confusion.

'But I do. I want to love you, darling.' He kissed her bare breast.


'You said that once before, in exactly the same


'And you turned me down,' she remembered with pain.

'Because of your innocence! I was tied to Marie, by loyalty if nothing else, and it wasn't fair to involve you when I couldn't marry you.' He caressed the soft curve of her breast with his tongue.

'Did you want to marry me- even then?'

'I did, and I do. Will you marry me, Sara?'

'Yes! Yes to marriage, and yes to—'

He put silencing fingers over her lips. 'I can wait until after we're married.'

'Well, I can't.' She looked at him with love-drugged eyes. 'I want to stay with you tonight, Dominic. Tonight and every other night.'

He gave a rueful smile. 'Tonight I might get away with, then I think we'll have to wait until after the wedding. Otherwise your father might take a shotgun to me.'

Sara held him fiercely to her. 'I'm so glad I came to England, so glad I found my father and Marie, and so very, very glad I found you. I love you so, Dominic'

'And I love you too.' He picked her up and took her into the bedroom, to the first night of a lifetime of nights together.