Forbidden Surrender(6)

By: Carole Mortimer

His mouth twisted—a perfect mouth, the lower lip fuller, pointing to a sensuality this man would take pains to hide. 'So you aren't alone?'


The man pulled her away from the table and over to a quiet corner of the room—if it could be called quiet in a room like this. "Who are you with?' he demanded to know.

'I—Let me go!' Sara tried to pry his fingers loose, looking up at him with wide apprehensive eyes. If she had done something wrong by being here why didn't he just say so and let her leave? There was no need for him to get rough with her. And where was Eddie? He could explain that he had signed her in, that his friend was a member. 'You're hurting me!' she cried as his strong fingers refused to be dislodged from her arm.

His teeth snapped together, white teeth, very even. 'I'd like to do more than that!' He thrust her away from him. 'Who's the man?' he asked tautly.

Sara rubbed her bruised skin. 'Eddie Mayer,' she muttered.

The man's expression was grim, frighteningly so. 'I don't know him, but then I never do, do I? Well, you got this Eddie Mayer to bring you, so he can damn well take you home again. We'll discuss this tomorrow.'

She blinked up at him. 'Tomorrow ...?'

'Yes, tomorrow! And make sure you're there. I'm getting a little tired of these exploits of yours, Marie. I thought they were over." he sighed. 'God, if your father knew ...' He shook his head.

It was Marie again! For the second time in two days she had been mistaken for this other girl, Marie. This man must be another of her men, and the man Nick that the man of yesterday had warned her about was obviously this girl's father. Considering she didn't know the girl she was finding out a lot about her!

Well, this man was a definite improvement on yesterday's, although he was no less wrong about her identi-

fication. 'There's been a mistake '

'Yes,' he hissed angrily, 'and I'm beginning to think I made it!' He gave her a disgusted look. 'We'll talk tomorrow.' He turned and walked out of the club with long controlled strides.

Sara was left feeling as if she had just survived an earthquake, or something equally disastrous. Whoever this Marie was she led an interesting and varied life, and it looked as if this last man had had enough. The other girl was obviously a flirt, but that didn't make it right that she was going to get the blame for something she hadn't done.

She was curious to know the man's identity, and walked over to the doorman. 'That man ...' she paused hesitantly. 'The one that just left

'Mr Thorne?' the man enquired politely.

'Oh, Mr Thorne,' she feigned disappointment. 'It seems I made a mistake, I thought it was Gerrard Turner,' she hastily made a name up.

'No, miss,' the doorman shook his head, 'that was Mr Dominic Thorne. He's in engineering.'

'Thank you,' she smiled. 'Wrong man,' she shrugged before walking away.

When the man said Dominic Thorne was 'in engineering' she felt sure he meant that he ran these firms. There had been an air of authority about the man, a determination that wouldn't let him be ruled by anyone. Despite his rough treatment of her Sara had found him attractive. A shame he was interested in someone called Marie, a girl who appeared to be her double.

She had read that everyone had a double somewhere in the world, but it seemed hers was living in London, and that their likeness was so extreme that even this Marie's lovers seemed to have been fooled. And Sara was sure both those men had been her lovers; they had both had a strong sense of familiarity about them towards her—or rather, Marie.

'Sara!' Eddie appeared in front of her. 'I thought for a minute you'd left without me,' he sighed his relief. 'Sorry I was so long, but I ran into Pete. Come over and meet him.'

She went willingly enough, just relieved to have him back with her, before any more of Marie's men accosted her. Pete proved to be an extrovert, even the sober suit and tie did not diminish his exuberant nature.

'Wow!' he exclaimed when he saw her, pulling her on to the bar stool next to him. 'I bet you're a natural,' he enthused, studying her with the practised eye of a photographer. 'Boy, would I like to get you the other side of my camera,' he spoke softly to himself. 'No chance of that?' He quirked a hopeful eyebrow.

Sara grinned at him; this enthusiasm was doing won-

ders for her ego. 'Not this trip,' she refused him.

'I've already explained to Eddie that I don't have a


'I could get you one,' Pete cut in eagerly.

She shook her head. 'I'm still convalescing.'

'Mm, Eddie explained.' Pete was studying her closely. 'Have you ever worked in this country?'

'I've never even been here before, except as a baby, so I certainly haven't worked here before.'

'I have this feeling I've seen you before.' He frowned his puzzlement.

'Not you too!' Sara sighed. 'You're the third one since I've been here.'