Cold Case, Hot Bodies(82)

By: Jule McBride

Her kiss silenced him. “I know.”

She wanted it, too. With a quick glance through darkened windows, she urged the slacks down on his hips, then poised above him. Sucking a breath through his teeth, he glided his hands higher…then higher…and gasped audibly when he felt her silky backside. No panties.

“You’ve forgiven me for not trusting you?” he asked.

“Have you forgiven me?”


“Then ditto.”

“Rose and Brice got together.”

She smiled. “But Johnny got off the hook.”

“Sort of.” Now he was smiling back. “Wearing an orange jumpsuit and collecting litter in your hometown will probably make him look less appealing to the girls he chases.”

She laughed softly. “True.”

“Chuckie will probably do time.”

“Good.” She surveyed him, and something in her eyes made him think about Gem’s last night. Somehow, it seemed fitting they were sealing their love in a carriage of sorts, even if, unlike Gem and Nathaniel, they were going to live and prosper.

“Like I was saying,” she continued in a deep murmur, lowering herself, her wet, slick warmth surrounding him, making him cry out, “when I thought about sex for a week, I got to thinking.”

He could barely find his voice. She was so beautiful, and the thrusting, rhythmic movements were making his pulse race. Tightening his arms around her waist, he hugged her close, burying his face against her chest and whimpering, “About?”

“Sex for a lifetime,” she answered, threading splayed fingers into his hair.

His throat felt raw. “When do we start?”

Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her hips rocked even more deeply against him. When they were completely joined, she went very still. Suddenly, he lifted his face and found her eyes. “We already have,” she told him gently.

“Then love me, Cassidy Case Magee,” he returned.

She began to move again, her hips sending shudders through them both, and as she did, as if it were really their own wedding day, she whispered, “I do.”