Charade of the Heart(59)

By: Cathy Williams

Marcos smiled slowly and shook his head. "Already?"

"You said often enough that now that the yoke was around you, you might as well enjoy it, offspring and all."

"So I did," Marcos murmured, his smile broader now. "Is that what you meant about no longer looking the same?" Beth nodded. "Expanding waistline is on the way," she said, patting her still flat stomach,

"I've heard it said that pregnant women are very sexy."

"Have you, now," she joked.

"Just so long as it's my pregnant woman." He placed his hand over hers in a gesture that was so painfully tender that it brought a lump to her throat.

"Are you happy?" she whispered.

"Happy?" Marcos chuckled softly. "You gave me happiness when we met all that time ago, and you haven't stopped. As for going to work…"

He lifted her from the chair and she squealed in mock protestation, "I think," he murmured, "a little celebration is in order."

And it was.