A Little Dare(3)

By: Brenda Jackson

them. Now it seemed the day of reckoning had arrived.



It was as if the years had not passed between them, Dare suddenly thought. That same electrical charge the two of them always generated ignited full force, sending a high voltage searing through the room.

He cleared his throat. “Holly, you can leave me and Ms. Brockman alone now, “he thought it best to say.

His secretary looked at Shelly then back at him. “Sure,

Sheriff,” she murmured, and walked out of the office, pulling the door shut behind her.

Once the door closed, Dare turned his full attention back to Shelly. His gaze went immediately to her lips; lips he used to enjoy tasting time and time again; lips that were hot,

sweet and ultra-responsive. One night he had thrust her into an orgasm just from gnawing on her lips and caressing

them with the tip of his tongue.

He swallowed to get his bearings when he felt his body

began responding to just being in the same room with her. He then admitted what he’d known for years. Shelly

Brockman would always be the beginning and the end of his most blatant desires and a part of him could not believe she was back in College Park after being gone for so long.

Shelly felt the intensity of Dare’s gaze and struggled to keep her emotions in check, but he was so disturbingly

gorgeous that she found it hard to do so. Wearing his blue uniform, he still had that look that left a woman’s mind

whirling and her body overheated.

He had changed a lot from the young man she had fallen in love with years ago. He was taller, bigger and more

muscular. The few lines he had developed in the corners of his eyes, and the firmness of his jaw made his face more angular, his coffee-colored features stark and disturbingly handsome and still a pleasure to look at.

She noted there were certain things about him that had

remained the same. The shape of his mouth was still a total turn-on, and he still had those sexy dimples he used to flash at her so often. Then there were those dark eyes—deep,

penetrating—that at one time had had the ability to read her mind by just looking at her. How else had he known when

she’d wanted him to make love to her without her having to utter a single word?

Suddenly Shelly felt nervous, panicky when she

remembered the reason she had moved back to town. But there was no way she could tell Dare that he was AJ’s

father—at least not today. She needed time to pull herself together. Seeing him again had derailed her senses,

making it impossible for her to think straight. The only thing she wanted was to get AJ and leave.

“I came for my son, Dare,” she finally found her voice to say,

and even to her own ears it sounded wispy.

Dare let out a deep breath. It seemed she wanted to get

right down to business and not dwell on the past. He had no intention of letting her do that, mainly because of what they had once meant to each other. “It’s been a long time,

Shelly. How have you been?” he asked raspily, failing to

keep his own voice casual. He found the scent of her

perfume just as sexy and enticing as the rest of her.

“I’ve been fine, Dare. How about you?”

“Same here.”

She nodded. “Now may I see my son?”

Her insistence on keeping things non-personal was

beginning to annoy the hell out of him. His eyes narrowed and his gaze zeroed in on her mouth; bad timing on his

part. She nervously swiped her bottom lip with her tongue, causing his body to react immediately. He remembered

that tongue and some of the things he had taught her to do with it. He dragged air into his lungs when he felt his

muscles tense. “Aren’t you going to ask why he’s here?” he asked, his voice sounding tight, just as tight as his entire

body felt.

She shrugged. “I assumed that since the school called and said he didn’t show up today, one of your officers had

picked him up for playing hooky.”

“No, that’s not it,” he said, thinking that was a reasonable assumption to make. “I’m the one who picked him up, but he was doing something a bit more serious than playing hooky.”

Shelly’s eyes widened in alarm. “What?”