A Little Dare

By: Brenda Jackson

T he son Dare Westmoreland didn’t know he had, needed him.

Shelly Brockman knew that admission was long overdue as she stood in the living room of the house that had been her childhood home. The last box had been carried in and now the task of unpacking awaited her. Even with everything she faced, she felt good about being back in a place that filled her with many fond memories. Her thoughts were cut short with the slamming of the front door. She turned and met her son’s angry expression.

“I’m going to hate it here!” He all but screamed at the top of his lungs. “I want to go back to Los Angeles! No matter

what you say, this will never be my home!”

Shelly winced at his words and watched as he threw down the last bag filled with his belongings before racing up the stairs. Instead of calling after him, she closed her eyes,

remembering why she had made the move from California to Georgia, and knew that no matter how AJ felt, the move was the best thing for him. For the past year he had been failing in school and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Because of his height, he looked older than a ten-year-old and had begun associating with an older group of boys at school, those known to be troublemakers.

Her parents, who had retired and moved to Florida years

ago, had offered her the use of her childhood home rent-

free. As a result, she had made three of the hardest

decisions of her life. First, deciding to move back to

College Park, Georgia, second switching from being a

nurse who worked inside the hospital to a home healthcare nurse, and finally letting Dare Westmoreland know he had a son.

More than anything she hoped Dare would understand that she had loved him too much to stand between him and his dream of becoming an FBI agent all those years ago. Her decision, unselfish as it had been, had cost AJ the chance to know his father and Dare the chance to know his son.

Crossing the room she picked up AJ’s bag. He was upset about leaving his friends and moving to a place he

considered Hicksville, USA. However, his attitude was the least of her worries.

She sighed deeply and rubbed her forehead, knowing she couldn’t put off telling Dare much longer since chances

were he would hear she’d return to town. Besides, if he

took a good hard look at AJ, he would know the truth, and the secret she had harbored for ten years would finally be out.

Deep within her heart she knew that it was time.


Two weeks later—early September

S heriff Dare Westmoreland leaned forward in the chair

behind his desk. From the defiant look on the face of the boy standing in front of him he could tell it would be one of those days. “Look, kid, I’m only going to ask you one more time. What is your name?”

The boy crossed his arms over his chest and had the nerve to glare at him and say, “And I’ve told you that I don’t like

cops and have no intention of giving you my name or

anything else. And if you don’t like it, arrest me.”

Dare stood to his full height of six-feet-four, feeling every bit of his thirty-six years as he came from behind his desk to stare at the boy. He estimated the kid, who he’d caught

throwing rocks at passing cars on the highway, to be

around twelve or thirteen. It had been a long time since any kid living in his jurisdiction had outright sassed him. None of them would have dared, so it stood to reason that the kid was probably new in town.

“You will get your wish. Since you won’t cooperate and tell me who you are, I’m officially holding you in police custody until someone comes to claim you. And while you’re waiting you may as well make yourself useful. You’ll start by

mopping out the bathroom on the first floor, so follow me.”

Dare shook his head, thinking he didn’t envy this kid’s parents one bit.

Shelly had barely brought her car to a complete stop in front of the sheriff’s office before she was out of it. It had taken

her a good two hours in Atlanta’s heavy traffic to make it

home after receiving word that AJ had not shown up at

school, only to discover he wasn’t at home. When it had

started getting late she had gotten worried and called the

police. After giving the dispatcher a description of AJ, the woman assured her that he was safe in their custody and