The Sicilian's Surprise Wife(71)

By: Tara Pammi

Vulnerability and Stefan Bianco weren’t words she would have thought of in the same sentence even.

“How the hell does it matter if she knows or not, Liv?”

“Because I remember her telling me that she didn’t want to see you, Stefan.”

“Damn it, Liv, she’s my wife, and I would like to see her. When the hell did you become her gatekeeper?”

“When I saw how broken she was after Zayed’s wedding. That’s when. I let down a friend once and I won’t let anything to happen to her. Even though you don’t realize it, Clio is—”

“Dio, Olivia. Clio is precious, don’t you think I know that?” While Olivia stared stunned, he ran a hand over his eyes. And Liv saw past her own prejudice and noticed how tired he looked. He cleared his throat as though choosing his words carefully. “I’m so glad that you’re looking out for her. But I need to see her. I need to...”

“You need to what, Stefan?”

A glimmer of a smile curved his mouth, transforming his entire face. “This wouldn’t be revenge, would it, Liv? For my doubting you when you and Rocco were beginning? Because, really, you couldn’t have chosen a better way to torture me.”

Such warmth radiated from his green gaze that Liv felt her heart contract. This was the best friend her husband cherished so much. Finally, she saw why Rocco worried so much for Stefan, especially after Rocco and she had found each other.

This was what he and Stefan and Christian and Zayed did for each other.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Liv smiled at him. “No. As enticing as it sounds, this is not revenge, Stefan. Clio is my friend now.”

Liv met his gaze and waited. And his confession, when it came, was so hoarse and uneven.

“I love her, Olivia. I...I have insulted her, and bullied her and I...hurt her. I can’t...I can’t live without seeing her smile...but I have nothing to offer her.”

Olivia had goose bumps on her skin, tears in her eyes. “Remember what you told me that day, Stefan?” Grabbing his hand, Liv squeezed it, dying to call Rocco and tell him.

“Those three words...that’s all it takes, Stefan.”



Stefan Bianco and Clio Norwood—A Fairy Tale Too Good to Believe or a True Love Story?

In a shocking move that has left New York’s finance society dropping their jaws, luxury real estate mogul Stefan Bianco, one of New York’s very own illustrious Columbia Four, the man who has been dubbed One-Date Wonder by more than one scorned lover in the past, really tied the knot with Clio Norwood, the society hostess who turned her back on her illustrious family a decade ago.

The old college friends from Columbia made it official at the prestigious Chatsfield, surrounded by their close friends and the glitterati from New York’s high society.

The redheaded bride shone in a designer tulle and diamonds while the groom, who had stolen her from under the nose of financier Jackson Smith, looked splendid in a black-and-white tuxedo.

“After knowing each other for more than a decade, it’s so obvious that they have always belonged with each other,” a friend close to the gorgeous couple shared.

Well, here’s hoping that Mrs. Bianco can hold on to her title and the man this time.

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