The Italian Boss's Secret Child(58)

By: Trish Morey

He swept her up, naked and wet, and she shrieked with delight as he blew raspberries over her skin.

‘You’re home early,’ said Philly, laughing as he reached down to kiss her, the giggling infant still in his arms and replying with raspberries of her own.

‘How could I stay away, knowing how much fun the three most important women in my life are having?’

He ruffled the curly black locks of his daughter’s hair as she yawned widely, her eyelids suddenly droopy. ‘Is it sleep time for you, little lady?’

‘I’ll take her,’ said Daphne, looking slim but healthy in a cool sundress. ‘I could do with an afternoon siesta myself.’

She wrapped the infant in a fluffy towel and let her kiss both her parents and wave goodbye wearily before she turned into the house. Damien watched her go before he pulled Philly to her feet and walked with her to the veranda railing.

‘It’s remarkable, the change in your mother. She could never have been strong enough to lift a child before.’

‘I know,’ said Philly. ‘The doctors are amazed. I know she’s far from being out of the woods, but they say it’s because she’s had a change of attitude; she’s allowing the drugs to work.’

Something in her tone twigged in his mind. ‘And what do you say?’

She turned from the view to face him. ‘I say it’s a miracle and that miracle has a lot to do with you and what you’ve done for my family.’

‘You’re my family now,’ he said, gently lifting her chin. ‘Always and for ever. And I thank the stars for the day you walked into my life. I love you, Philly.’

His lips brushed over hers even as she said the words, ‘I love you, too.’ She caught his intake of air before his kiss deepened, as if powered by the words she’d spoken. When at last he pulled his mouth away, he smiled and reached a hand down to the firm swell of her abdomen.

‘And what of our other miracle? How does my son progress?’

She laughed. ‘You’re so sure he’s a boy. Well, maybe you’re right, the way this baby is kicking. I think he’s practising for when he’s the boss. He’s going to be just like his dad.’

He wrapped his arms more tightly around her, pulling her close. ‘I hope you’re not mocking me,’ he warned. ‘To think I once thought of you as a shy little mouse. You know I’ll make you pay for any insubordination.’

‘And just what did you have in mind for my punishment?’

His eyes twinkled down at her, the love within them aflame with desire.

‘Slow, delicious torture,’ he said, tugging her towards the house, his lips curled into a wicked smile. ‘I’ll have you screaming for release.’

And he did.

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